Thu / Jun / 2015
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June is all about enjoyment ( especially before the schools break up ! ) so let’s all be positive and have some fun. Get inspired by visiting the V&A’s shoe exhibition – PAIN and PLEASURE. Great for all you foot fetishists out there ! But don’t forget that my London escorts can provide the same experience only with added benefits. LOL. Check out Daria for example if that’s your particular craving !
This is a month where we should all “let our hair down” a little and not worry too much about anything ( well as much as possible !)
Just consider the national days that occur  June :
National Flip Flop Day
National Almond Butter crunch  Day
And my favorite : National Splurge Day 18th June.

What a perfect excuse for doing exactly what you feel like no matter how reckless!
Get inspired and check out those profiles. Busty brunette or A level blonde, there is something  for everyone, So on 18th June let’s go for it and make it a day like no other !
I’ll be waiting for you call !