Top Class Girls !!

Thu / Jun / 2015

June is all about enjoyment ( especially before the schools break up ! ) so let's all be positive and have some fun. Get inspired by visiting the V&A's shoe exhibition - PAIN and PLEASURE. Great for all you foot fetishists out there ! But don't forget that my London escorts can provide the same experience only with added benefits. LOL. Check out Daria for example if that's your particular craving ! This is a month where we should all "let our hair down" a little and not worry too much about anything ( well as much as possible !) Just consider the national days that occur  June : National Flip Flop Day National Almond Butter crunch  Day And my favorite : National Splurge Day 18th June. What a perfect excuse for doing exactly what you feel like no matter how reckless! Get inspired and check out those profiles. Busty brunette or A level blonde, there is something  for everyone, So on 18th June let's go for it and make it a day like no other ! I'll be waiting for you call ! ...

Summer Excitement !!

Sun / Jun / 2015

I'm so excited ! This month looks set to be great, with so many new girls starting and everyone getting into the spirit of summer. Look out for my new Spanish girls who will be online this week bringing with them for sure that hot Latin temperament but let's hope they brought some of that Spanish sunshine with them too! Talking of sunny places,Pete the Hawaiian is back tonight on a stop over from San Francisco and of course that means a date with my darling Ashley.She really knows how to keep them coming back for more.....and more ! Some things are just worth repeating I guess ! ...

Favorite Clients

Thu / Nov / 2013